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10 Jul, 2019

Proof of concept, how Dualex readings can help during trials

We had some interesting results from the strawberry trial in California we wanted to share.

Zephyr did some DUALEX readings before and after treatment to see if we can reduce the stress experienced by strawberry plants when we use LALSTOP G46 + GB in tank mix.

The measurements taken are significantly different and prove there has been a physiological evolution in the plants. This is just the beginning of the story, and we’re not ready to release all of the results, but at this point, we could hypothesize that plants treated with LALSTOP G46 + GB in the tank mix are healthier and more vigorous.



Cross analysis for flavonols and chlorophyll measurement indicates the treatment significantly increased the chlorophyll content and decreased the flavonols indices.

We could hypothesize that the treated plants are healthier and more vigorous.

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