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Root biostimulation

Nutrients availability

RISE P Dual Tech

RISE® P DualTech is a microbial product in the form of a wettable powder that contains two forms of technology developed by researchers at LALLEMEND: The Bacillus amyloliquefaciens IT45 strain of rhizosphere bacteria and specific LYCC yeast fractions, as a prebiotic support for the bacteria.

Foliar biostimulation


LALSTIM® FIT is a phyto-fortifier with a re-greening effect. It is a 100% organic concentrate made up of specific fractions of a yeast strain selected because they are naturally rich in amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins and highly absorbable minerals.


LALSTIM® OSMO is a highly soluble powder with a glycine betaine content of more than 96%. This powerful natural extract regulates the osmotic pressure of cells and enables plants to cope with conditions of abiotic stress (drought, rain, cold, salinity, etc.).

Plant Protection



MYCOSTOP® is an organic fungicide that is effective at combating a root fungus complex that causes damping off and dieback in plants: Fusarium and Pythium on cucumbers, and Fusarium on cyclamen, gerbera and cloves.


PRESTOP® contains a high concentration of a microbial fungicide naturally found in soil that provides effective protection against a wide variety of diseases.


ROTSTOP® is a microbial biocontrol treatment containing the VRA 1835 strain of Phlebiopsis gigantea. It colonizes stumps and wounds in various species of trees, thus limiting the development of undesirable Heterobasidion fungi, which is responsible for heart rot.

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