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Fight effectively against above ground-diseases and root or base-rot diseases

LALSTOP® G46 WG contains a high concentration of mycelia and spores of Clonostachys rosea strain J1446, a naturally occurring soil fungus, selected for its capacity to control a range of very important crop diseases.

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.

Development on dead tissues, creating a protective barrier against pathogenic organisms.

LALSTOP G46 WG provides effective control on a wide range of plant diseases, against:

  • Grey mould and stem cankers caused by Botrytis cinerea on grapes, leafy crops, tomatoes, peppers, cucurbits, ornamentals and soft fruit.
  • Powdery mildews on vines and edible crops.
  • Gummy stem blight caused by Didymella sp. on cucurbits.
  • Damping-off and root or base rot diseases caused by Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium on vegetables, salads and ornamentals.

Key benefits

  • Effective control of a wide variety of plant pathogens
  • Compatible with most chemical pesticides for use in an Integrated Pest Management program
  • Usable in organic farming
  • No risk for resistance due to several modes of action
  • Safe for growers, consumers, beneficial insects, and surrounding environment.
  • Persistence of action : 3 to 4 weeks on aerial organs and 4 to 6 weeks in the soil and growing media


1 x 109 CFU*/g of Clonostachys rosea strain J1446

*CFU: Colony Forming Unit. Unit of measure for living microorganisms able to multiply


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