Lallemand Plant Care
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Actively reduce the amount of sclerotia in contaminated topsoils

Protect your plants from sclerotia of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Sclerotinia minor. These fungi are responsible for white mold lesions causing crop wilting and death. causing severe economic losses. LALSTOP CONTANS WG significantly reduces the expression of symptoms on sensitive crops by reducing the level of inoculum in contaminated topsoils.Targeted pests:

  • Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
  • Sclerotinia minor
  • * Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.


    Following the application of LALSTOP CONTANS WG, its incorporation into the soil allows the contained spores to make contact with the sclerotia.

    The germinating spores of C. minitans CON/M/91-08 then penetrate these sclerotia through their germ tube (secretion of ß-1.3-glucanases) and produce a mycelium.

    This mycelium attacks and destroys the sclerotia. Infected sclerotia are then unable to generate apothecia or produce mycelium of Sclerotinia spp.

    Registered Crops*:

    • Canola
    • Sunflower
    • Safflower
    • Dry Edible Beans
    • Soybeans
    • Alfalfa


    *Please see product label for full list of registered crops.

    Key benefits


    • Based on a naturally occurring fungus that is safe to growers, consumers, beneficial insects, and the surrounding environment.
    • Flexibility of application: Pre-planting/planting or after harvest (on crop residues).
    • Compatible with most IPM programs.
    • No known risks for resistance due to multiple modes of action.
    • Eco-Cert and Pro-Cert Certified Product


    Coniothyrium minitans, strain CON/M/91-08…..5.0%
    Contains a minimum of 1.0 x 109 CFU/g


    25 lb (11.35 kg)