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LALFIX Peat Dry Beans

Two-Strain Inoculant for Dry Beans

LALFIX Peat Dry Bean is a high quality, dual-action sterile powder peat inoculant that contains a sticking agent that aids in the adhesion of the inoculant to the seed. This product can be applied on the seed through a variety of application methods that suit the grower’s needs.

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Key benefits

  • LALFIX PEAT DRY BEANS is based on a sterile peat powder media which allows for an elevated elivery of Rhizobium tropici directly to the seed. The concentration of the product is 1×109 viable cells per gram.
  • LALFIX PEAT DRY BEANS contains two unique strains of Rhizobium tropici for balanced performance in a range of environments.
  • LALFIX PEAT DRY BEANS contains a sticking agent which means better adhesion to the seed putting more inoculant in the furrow.
  • LALFIX PEAT DRY BEANS is applied to the seed without water. Therefore, there is no drying period. Refer to the product label for application instructions.
  • LALFIX PEAT DRY BEANS can be used to double-inoculate first-year dry beans and dry beans seeded into fields with a lower carryover of background rhizobia.

Crop-specific benefits

Rhizobium tropici for balanced performance in a range of environments.


Rhizobium tropici 1×109 CFU/gram


252 oz case (6 x 42 oz packets per case)
Application Rate: 2.8 oz per 100 lbs of seed Units Treated per Case: 9,000 lbs of seed