Lallemand Plant Care
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LALRISE BOOST is a microbial growth promoter

LALRISE BOOST® is a unique PGPR utilizing the active ingredient Delftia acidovorans which is active in the soil and rapidly colonizes the root zone of a plant. Treated plants have healthier roots that access more water and nutrients and drive an early plant root set, treated plants will also have a shorter lag phase and a longer phase of rapid growth. For ease of application, LALRISE BOOST can be tank-mixed and applied with the first post-emergent application.

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.

Delftia acidovorans is attracted to root exudates and will move toward growing roots and colonize the root zone. The bacteria positively impacts plant root growth; this ultimately supports higher yields, depending upon environmental and soil conditions.

Key benefits

Delftia acidovorans works by:

  • Stimulating root and root hair development, helping the plant access more water and nutrients in limiting environmental conditions
  • Aggressively colonizes roots and out-competes other soil bacteria and fungi
  • Making more sulfur available to the plant. LALRISE BOOST has a synergistic effect with sulfur fertilizers. It enhances mineralization to access the 95% of soil sulfur pool tied to organic matter. The yield of LALRISE BOOST treated plants with sulfur fertilizers is greater than either input alone.


1×108 viable Delftia acidovorans per ml


2.75 US gallon bladder/case (10.4 liters)
45 cases per pallet
  • Apply LALRISE BOOST in the evening, in cooler temperatures. Do not apply LALRISE BOOST in hot, dry conditions.
  • Recommended water rates assist Delftia acidovorans in entering the soil. Reducing the water rate is not recommended.
  • If tank mixing LALRISE BOOST with a recommended herbicide, add the bacterial solution last and ensure it is applied to the appropriate herbicide tolerant system.