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Increase the vigor and growth of your plants

LALRISE® MAX WP is a robust mycorrhizae-based inoculant, formulated as a wettable powder, containing spores of a carefully selected and versatile endomycorrhizal strain. It efficiently connects to the root system and forms an extensive underground network of hyphal filaments, which act as extensions reaching beyond the rhizosphere area. It increases plant absorption capacity (water, macro- and micro-nutrients), drought tolerance, yields and overall crop quality.

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Powered by MYCONNECT®

Stemming from Lallemand’s decades of research and development of yeasts and other microorganisms, MYCONNECT® is the combination of our unique manufacturing process with a proprietary inactive yeast component that enhances the efficacy of the mycorrhiza active ingredient. It provides:

  • Superior quality and efficiency
  • More homogeneity and better diffusion of spores at the root level
  • Better shelf-life and no contamination
  • Higher rate of root colonization (RCUs)1

The best root colonization

The mycorrhiza strain produced with MYCONNECT® has demonstrated its superiority for effectively colonizing plant roots.

Repeated trials have been conducted against other major producers of mycorrhiza in North America showing a root colonization rate up to 25% higher.

Key benefits

  • Increases yields and growth
  • Improves nutrients absorption capacity
  • Maximizes plant survival rate
  • Improves drought tolerance
  • Transferable benefits in crop rotation

Crop-specific benefits

Improves roots establishment: promotes tolerance to drought and environmental stresses. Limits transplantation shocks and promotes the recovery rate (decreases mortality). Homogenizes the growth, flowering and fruit set of plants.


Contains a minimum of 2,000 viable spores/g of Rhizophagus irregularis


7 oz
Box Format: 10 x 7 oz
2 lbs
Box Format: 5 x 2 lbs

Take advantage of the combined application of our products to increase potential benefits.

Access to more nutrients and increased benefits

Combining LALRISE MAX WP and LALRISE VITA brings additional benefits through synergistic mode of action. Through the hyphal network developed by LALRISE MAX WP, the active ingredient of LALRISE VITA will be able to release (make available) an exponential amount of nutrients and deliver them more abundantly to the plant to increase its benefits.